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Surplus & Adventure Equipment Stores certainly continues to live up to its name with the opening of its showroom in Main Street Mosta. The business was founded over two decades ago by Raymond Galea who decided to give the Maltese community the much-needed novelty of making available various army surplus and a wide range of military and outdoor adventure accessories under one roof. Our philosophy is that anything one would need to practice his adventure sports or just an excursion, we provide it. In fact the Store is also stocked with products for those who seek an overseas adventure such as sleeping bags specially adapted for severe temperatures. Hence if you are just an adventure enthusiast, a police or army officer wishing to buy special equipment or just going for a BBQ, there's only one place where all your need can be catered for in one place, Surplus & Adventure Equipment Stores.


Surplus & Adventure

Address: Main Street, Mosta

Surplus & Adventure

Address: Zabbar Road, Fgura